Which section of Advocates Act 1961 deals with the disqualification for enrollment of advocates?

Section 24A of Advocates Act 1961 – Disqualification for enrolment.

What are the disqualification of an advocate for enrollment?

Any person applying for enrolment as an Advocate shall not be enrolled, if he is dismissed, retrenched, compulsorily retired, removed or otherwise relieved from Government service or from the service under the control of the Hon’ble High Courts or the Hon’ble Supreme Court on the charges of corruption or dishonesty …

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What is Section 24 of Advocates Act?

Section 24 of the Advocates Act specifies the qualifications of a person entitled to be enrolled into the Bar. … Eligible persons are admitted as advocates on the rolls of the State Bar Councils. The Advocates Act, 1961 empowers State Bar Councils to frame their own rules regarding enrolment of advocates.

Which chapter of Advocates Act deals with admission and enrollment of advocates?

Section 16 to 28 of the Advocates Act, 1961 deals with the Admission and Enrollment of Advocates.

What are the qualification and disqualification of a person to be enrolled as an advocate under advocate Act 1961?

Section 24(A) of the Advocate Act 1961, describes the conditions in which the person cannot be registered. If the person is held guilty for crime related to moral turpitude. If the person is held guilty under Untouchability Act 1955.

Which section deals about disqualification for Enrolment?

Section 24A of Advocates Act 1961 – Disqualification for enrolment.

What are the qualifications and disqualifications to enroll as an advocate explain in detail the procedure for enrollment as an advocate?

Qualification required:

He/ she must be a citizen of India. (if the national; of any other country want to enrol as an advocate in any state roll in India then he can be enrolled only if a national of India can practice law in that other country.) The candidate must attain the age of twenty one (21) years of age.

How many sections are in Advocates Act 1961?

There are 7 Chapters in this act, as follows:

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Preliminary, Bar Councils, Admission and Enrollment of Advocates, Right to Practice, Conduct of Advocates, Miscellaneous, and Temporary and Transitional Provisions.

Which section of the Advocates Act 1961 deals with general power of the Bar Council of India to make rules?

Section 49. General power of the Bar Council of India to make rules. Section 49A. Power of Central Government to make rules.

Which section of the advocate Act deals with the condition on which person who may be adopted as advocate on a State roll?

Section 24 in THE ADVOCATES ACT, 1961.

Which section of the advocate Act empowers the State Bar Council?

Section 28(1) (d) of the Act authorises a State Bar Council to make rules prescribing the conditions subject to which a person may be admitted as an advocate.

Which section of Advocates Act provides punishment for misconduct of advocates?

Section 35 in THE ADVOCATES ACT, 1961. (1) Where on receipt of a complaint or otherwise a State Bar Council has reason to believe that any advocate on its roll has been guilty of professional or other misconduct, it shall refer the case for disposal to its disciplinary committee.

Which act was repealed by Advocates Act 1961?

Advocates Act 1961 replaced the earlier Indian Bar Councils Act, 1926.

Which section deals with the admission as an advocate in Bar Council of India?

The Advocates Act,1961

26 Disposal of an application for admission as an advocate
26 A Power to remove names from roll
27 Application once refused not to be entertained by another Bar Council except in certain circumstances
28 Power to make rules
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In which section roll is defined?

(i) in the case of a Bar Council constituted for a State or for a State and one or more Union territories, the High Court for the State; … (n) “State roll” means a roll of advocates prepared and maintained by a State Bar Council under section 17.

Which section of the advocate Act provides that there shall be a Bar Council for the territories to which this Act extends to be known as the Bar Council of India?

Section 5 in Advocate Act 1961

Description: Every Bar Council shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to acquire and hold property, both movable and immovable, and to contract, and may be the name by which it is known sue and be sued.