Best answer: When did a lawyer reach the new mullion?

When the lawyer got to New Mullion, he met a delivery man at the station. He introduced himself as Bill. He told the lawyer that he knew Lutkins and immediately offered to help him in finding Lutkins. He took him to all the places where Lutkins was seen or was known to hang out.

When the lawyer reached new mullion did Bill know?

When the lawyer reached New Mullion, did ‘Bill’ know that he was looking for Lutkins ? When do you think ‘Bill’ came up with his plan for fooling the lawyer? Answer: No, ‘Bill’ did not know initially that the lawyer was looking for him.

Why was the lawyer sent to New mullion?

Answer: The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve a summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. He first thinks that the place must be a sweet and simple country village.

Did Bill already know the lawyer purpose of coming to New Milian?

Explanation: No, Bill did not know initially that the lawyer was looking for him.

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Why was the lawyer sent to New mullion Why could the lawyer not complete his work on that day?

He was wanted as a witness in a law case. But he tried to avoid the law. So, he posed as a hack driver and cheated the lawyer who went to serve summons on him. … So, that’s how the lawyer could not complete his work on that day.

Why did Bill keep the lawyer hiding behind him?

Answer: Bill told the lawyer that he knew Lutkins’ mother. He said that she was a terror. … He said that Oliver must have heard that somebody was chasing him and consequently, would have gone into hiding at his mother’s place.

Does the narrator serve the summons that day Class 10?

No the narrator does not serve the summons that day.

How many times did lawyer visit in New mullion?

(d) 5. The lawyer was so happy with his experience with the hack driver on his first day that he had decided to return to New Mullion and practise law. Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins was a hard fellow to catch and he was good at deceiving people. He was always up to something or the other.

Do you agree that the expression taken for a ride fits this story like a glove why why not?

Answer: Yes, the expression ‘taken for a ride’ fits the story like a glove. As Oliver Lutkins posed to be a hack driver and kept his identity hidden from the narrator, the entire time, we can tell that Oliver had managed to gain his trust and was simply fooling around with him.

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Who was the hack driver actually?

The hack driver was none other than Oliver Lutkins whom the lawyer had to give court summons. He cunningly extracted from the lawyer his purpose of visit, took advantage of it, and took him to different places charging high fares. 7.