Does Alabama have an attorney general?

The attorney general of Alabama is an elected, constitutional officer of the State of Alabama. The office of the attorney general is located at the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. Henry Hitchcock was elected Alabama’s first attorney general in 1819.

Who is the attorney general in Alabama?

The Attorney General represents the state in all criminal actions in the appellate courts of the State of Alabama and in habeas corpus proceedings in the federal courts. … The Attorney General issues legal advice through formal or informal written opinions to authorized public officials and agencies.

Which states do not have an attorney general?

Seven states do not popularly elect an attorney general. In Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Wyoming, the attorney general is a gubernatorial appointee. The attorney general in Tennessee is appointed by the Tennessee Supreme Court for an eight-year term.

How do I contact the attorney general of Alabama?

Registration information can be found below. For specific questions regarding registrations, call 1-800-392-5658.

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What does the attorney general do?

The role of the NSW Attorney General

The NSW Attorney General is the legal advisor to the Government of NSW. The Attorney General is responsible for representing the State and may act on its behalf in all legal proceedings in which the State is a party. preserves civil liberties.

Who are the two US senators from Alabama?


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