Frequent question: Why was the lawyer sent back to the country with a warning?

Why was the lawyer sent back to the country with the warning?

Answer : The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case.

Why was the lawyer sent back to the new mullion?

Answer: The lawyer was sent back to New Mullion to serve summons on Lutkins. He had failed in his mission earlier. This time another man who had worked with Lutkins was also sent with him.

Where did the lawyer and Bill get the lunch?

Answer: Wade’s Hill. The Lawyer and Bill got their lunch at the scenic Wade’s Hill.

Why did Bill take the lawyer to Fritz shop Why did Bill ask him to keep out of sight there?

Why did the narrator and Bill proceed to Fritz and why did Bill ask him to keep out of sight behind him? Ans. Bill told the narrator that probably Oliver Lutkins was trying to start a poker game in the back of Fritz’s shop. Bill led him there and he asked the narrator to hide behind him.

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Why did Bill keep the lawyer hiding behind him?

Answer: Bill told the lawyer that he knew Lutkins’ mother. He said that she was a terror. … He said that Oliver must have heard that somebody was chasing him and consequently, would have gone into hiding at his mother’s place.

Why was the lawyer not happy with the job?

Detailed Answer:

The lawyers was not happy with the job because he was made to deliver summns, instead of prepaing legal briefs. For that task, he had to go to dirty and shadowy corners of the city. He also fearwed of being beaten up bythe witnesses.

Why did the joy of the lawyer turned into disappointment?

The joy of the lawyer turned into disappointment when he reached New Mullion because he had thought it would be a beautiful, idyllic place; but It turned out to be quite a dirty and squalid town.

Who was the hack driver?

The hack driver was none other than Oliver Lutkins whom the lawyer had to give court summons. He cunningly extracted from the lawyer his purpose of visit, took advantage of it, and took him to different places charging high fares. 7.

What impression did the lawyer get of the delivery man?

The lawyer got a very good impression of the delivery man. He found him a very friendly person. He was a cheerful fellow. He was about forty.

How many times did lawyer visit in New mullion?

(d) 5. The lawyer was so happy with his experience with the hack driver on his first day that he had decided to return to New Mullion and practise law. Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins was a hard fellow to catch and he was good at deceiving people. He was always up to something or the other.

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What did the lawyer’s chief do when the lawyer came back without serving the summon?

How did the chief react when the narrator returned to his town? Answer: The chief was furious at the narrator’s failure to serve summons on Lutkins. He decided to send a man who knew Ltutkins with the narrator the next day to serve summons on Lutkins.

Who is Fritz in the hack driver?

He saw a hack driver standing at the platform who was very cheerful and nice. He went up to him and enquired about Oliver Lutkins as he was new to the town and wanted to find him. The driver told him that Oliver was a nasty man who owed debt to many people.