Have we ever had a black attorney general?

Has the US ever had a female Attorney General?

Miami, Florida, U.S. Janet Wood Reno (July 21, 1938 – November 7, 2016) was an American lawyer who served as the Attorney General of the United States from 1993 until 2001. … She was the first woman to serve as Attorney General and the second-longest serving Attorney General in U.S. history, after William Wirt.

How many attorney generals are there in the United States?

The current party composition of the state attorneys general is: 23 Democrats.

Current attorneys general.

Officeholder Treg Taylor
State Alaska
Party Republican
Assumed office January 30, 2021
Term expires Appointed

How much does the US Attorney General make?

Attorney General is a Level I position in the Executive Schedule, thus earning a salary of US$221,400, as of January 2021.

Who was the 1980s Attorney General?

Of all in state government, the Office of the Attorney General has probably changed the most dramatically in its more than 160 year history.

1850 until Present.

Names Dates of Office
George Deukmejian Jan. 1979 – Jan. 1983
Evelle J. Younger Jan. 1971 – Jan. 1979
Thomas C. Lynch Sep. 1964 – Jan. 1971
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Who is current AG?

Merrick Garland
Since 2021
Соединенные Штаты Америки/Генеральный прокурор
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