Is justia ask a lawyer legit?

Justia Ask a Lawyer is a place to get started, get some ideas, and maybe even find a lawyer in your area who can help you. Answers provided on this forum do not constitute legal advice, nor is does a lawyer’s response to your question create an attorney–client relationship.

Is justia US law a reliable source?

Justia is a commercial legal information site. Its Supreme Court Center includes a comprehensive collection of Supreme Court opinions. It’s often one of the first search results when you Google the name of a case and is a reliable source for accessing a case quickly.

Can I ask a lawyer a question for free?

Ask a Lawyer allows you to get free answers from lawyers in your area for basic legal questions on a variety of topics, including family law, employment law, criminal law, and more.

Who is justia law?

Justia is an American website specializing in legal information retrieval. It was founded in 2003 by Tim Stanley, formerly of FindLaw, and is one of the largest online databases of legal cases. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. … Law library research guides often refer to Justia.

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Is LegalShield a legit company?

So, is LegalShield a scam? Not technically. You can make money with this program, but it’s definitely not as easy as the company makes it sound. There’s a ton of work to be done upfront, no real guarantee of success, and – most importantly – the actual commissions are pretty small.

What is justia rating?

The Justia Lawyer Rating is based on the scores given to a lawyer by his or her reviewing peers. In addition to providing an overall rating for the attorney, each reviewer must also numerically rate the attorney on: Legal Knowledge.

What does premium mean on justia?

Premium members with gold placements can add a custom tagline and description that will appear with their placement and also receive an enhanced, clean profile and access to their profile traffic statistics. You can contact us to discuss Justia Premium Memberships in more detail and get a quote.

Is it free to talk to a lawyer?

The mandate of Legal Aid NSW is to provide legal help to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people of NSW and we have limited resources to achieve this. … We provide free and confidential face-to-face legal advice on most legal issues, including: Criminal law – people facing criminal charges.

What are some good questions to ask a lawyer?

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer During a Consultation

  • 1) What kind of experience do you have with similar cases?
  • 2) What would be your strategy for my case?
  • 3) Are there any alternatives to going to court?
  • 4) What are my possible outcomes?
  • 5) Who will actually handle my case?
  • 6) What is my role in my case?
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What is considered legal advice?

Legal advice is the giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation. The provision of legal advice will often involve analyzing a set of facts and advising a person to take a specific course of action based on the applicable law.

What is the meaning of justia?

Wikipedia. Justia. Justia is an American website specializing in legal information retrieval. It was founded in 2003 by Tim Stanley, formerly of FindLaw, and is one of the largest online databases of legal cases.

Is FindLaw credible?

The FindLaw website doesn’t list any information about the accuracy and quality of the information and documents found on the site, nor did we see any information about how often the site is updated. This means that it may be difficult to determine if the information you see on FindLaw is up-to-date and credible.

What are legal decisions made by judges in court cases called?

These past decisions are called “case law”, or precedent. Stare decisis—a Latin phrase meaning “let the decision stand”—is the principle by which judges are bound to such past decisions, drawing on established judicial authority to formulate their positions.

Does LegalShield represent you in court?

Will LegalShield represent you in court? The short answer is yes. All LegalShield memberships include benefits that allow your lawyer to represent you in court at a substantial savings over hiring a lawyer directly. Most plans include trial defense representation for covered civil suits at no additional cost.

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Can you sue with LegalShield?

If you join LegalShield today, you can be on the phone with a small business litigator in 4 hours or less after intial contact and start to develop the right strategy for your specific situation. While settling is often preferable, sometimes suing the other party is the only way to get what you deserve.

How much do LegalShield attorneys make?

For Associates with 0-2 years of experience who made at least one sale, average annual earnings were $798 for 2019. Approximately 73% of all Associates across experience years made less than $1,000 in 2019.