Question: Why do you think the lawyer was gullible?

What do you think lawyer was gullible?

It can be said that the lawyer was gullible. He could have avoided being taken for a ride if he had noticed what the hack driver was doing. The hack driver was the one who did all the talking and the lawyer remained a mere spectator.

Do you think the lawyer was gullible class 10th?

ANSWER :Yes , the lawyer was a gullible person. He immediately tells the hack driver the purpose of his visit. the hack driver takes advantage of this and takes him round the town. he also charges from him a very high fare for this.

How was the lawyer fooled?

Answer: Oliver Lutkins made a fool of the young lawyer throughout his first visit to the village. … Thus, he was able to make a fool of the lawyer by taking him all over the village without success, as the lawyer did not recognise Lutkins and so did not realise that it was Lutkins himself who was taking him around. 2.

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Why is the lawyer sent to New mullion?

Answer: The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve a summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. He first thinks that the place must be a sweet and simple country village.

What qualities of the hack driver impressed the lawyer?

What qualities of the hack driver impressed the young lawyer? Ans. The hack driver’s cheerful face and friendly manner made the lawyer conclude that he liked people. The hack driver’s openness, again made the lawyer glow in the warmth of affection.

Who Fooled the lawyer?

Answer: In the story Oliver Lutkins made a fool of the young lawyer. When the lawyer reached New Mullion, Lutkins came up with his plan to fool the lawyer when the lawyer told him that he was looking for Oliver Lutkins, Lutkins openly takes the lawyer all over the village.

Why did the lawyer hate his work?

Explanation: The lawyer hated his work because he was working as a junior assisstant clerk. He expected that he would be asked to prepare legal briefs. But against his hopes, he had to serve summons like a private cheap detective.

What impression did the lawyer get of the delivery man?

The lawyer got a very good impression of the delivery man. He found him a very friendly person. He was a cheerful fellow. He was about forty.

Why was lawyer sent to New mullion Why could the lawyer not complete his work on that day?

He was wanted as a witness in a law case. But he tried to avoid the law. So, he posed as a hack driver and cheated the lawyer who went to serve summons on him. … So, that’s how the lawyer could not complete his work on that day.

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Who befriend lawyer Where does he take him?

The lawyer was befriended by a delivery man who introduced himself as Bill. He told him that he knew Lutkins and would help the lawyer in finding him. He took him to all the places where Lutkins was seen or was known to hang out.

Who helped the lawyer in New mullion?

When the lawyer got to New Mullion, he met a delivery man at the station. He introduced himself as Bill. He told the lawyer that he knew Lutkins and immediately offered to help him in finding Lutkins.