What happens in Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Thirteen year-old Theodore Boone gives legal advice to friends at school. He gets in over his head, though, when an illegal immigrant who has witnessed a murder seeks his help. Theo uses his great knowledge of the legal system — and a little help from his lawyer parents — to see that justice is done.

How does Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer end?

The end is that the judge calls a mistrial. That’s it. Nothing was solved. The man who killed his wife is still free and living happily with his million dollars from her life insurance.

What happens in the book kid lawyer?

Theodore Boone is an average 13-year-old, except he is obsessed with the law and can’t decide if he is going to be a great lawyer or judge. He lives with his parents, Marcella and Woods Boone, who are lawyers. … Theodore tries to comfort April and explain divorce custody laws to her.

What is the conflict in Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

The main conflict of this book is that Pete Duffy is being thought to be innocent, but is actually guilty of murdering his wife. So Theodore and his family are trying to show Judge Gantry that Pete Duffy is guilty of murdering his wife because they know Bobby, who’s a witness.

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What is the rising action in Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Rising action- Theodore goes to the shelter to help Julio do his homework. Julio’s cousin saw something that could have a huge impact on the trial. Climax- Julio’s cousin, Bobby, witnessed Mr. Duffy murder his wife.

Does Pete Duffy go to jail?

He declared a mistrial and sent everyone home, including Pete Duffy, who remained free on bond. In most murder cases, the accused cannot afford to post a bond and stay out of jail while waiting on a trial. But because Mr. … For a lot of reasons, Bobby did not come forward until the first trial was underway.

What happens in Theodore Boone the abduction?

13-year-old Theodore Boone’s best friend April is not happy with her life. Her mother is a neglective hippie and her father leaves her mother and her at home for days on end to tour with his band. … The fear is that April’s cousin, the notorious criminal Jack Leeper, has kidnapped her.

How long is Boone Kid lawyer?

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

First edition cover
Author John Grisham
Media type Print
Pages 263 (Hardcover 1st edition)
ISBN 978-1-4447-1448-7 (Hardcover 1st edition), ISBN 978-1-4447-1449-4 (Trade Paperback)

Will there be an eighth Theodore Boone book?

Theodore Boone is a fictional character created by John Grisham, who is the title character in Grisham’s legal series for children. As of 2019, Boone has appeared in seven books.

Theodore Boone
Occupation Eighth grade student
Family Woods Boone (father) Marcella Boone (mother) Ike Boone (uncle)
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What age is Theodore Boone for?

His new legal thriller, “Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer,” is targeted at readers between 9 and 12, the age group otherwise known as tweens. The main character of this novel, 13-year-old Boone, is slightly older than that, but as a bicycle-riding junior high schooler, he is definitely still a kid.