What impression did the narrator the lawyer?

What impression did the lawyer get of the delivery man?

The lawyer got a very good impression of the delivery man. He found him a very friendly person. He was a cheerful fellow. He was about forty.

What impression did the narrator get that of the woman when he met her?

Answer: The narrator gathered the impression that the lady was very talkative in nature and her appearance was imposing rather than attractive.

What impression did the lawyer came back to the city?

The lawyer returned his home happy and with good memories of the people. He didn’t have any complaints about not being able to find Lutkins. The narrator was very happy to meet the people of New Mullion. Their helpful nature and gratitude made him very happy and excited.

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What impression did the lawyer form of new mullion on his first visit?

After his first visit, he didn’t mind his failure but planned to come to New Mullion again to start his legal practice there. The narrator proved himself a novice and not a seasoned legal mind. When he served summons, Lutkins and his mother laughed at him as if he were a seven-year-old boy.

What attitude did the lawyer have to the country life How did his experience at New mullion change?

Answer: The lawyer hated city life as he found city people cunning and at times very aggressive. He assumed country life to be sweet and simple but his visit to New Mullion completely changed his attitude.

What was the lawyer’s first impression of Lutkins?

Answer: Lutkinswas always the first to enter the placeswhere he took the lawyer. He prevented the lawyer from directlytalking with the people at these places. In this manner he would takethem into his confidence. This is probably the reason why no one letout the secret.

Why did the narrator think he has had his revenge?

Answer: The narrator seized with panic after ordering an asparagus because he thought that he would not have enough money to pay the bill. … The narrator had his revenge at last when he came to know that she now weighs twenty one stones which means she had grown very fat.

Why was the narrator panic?

Narrator was panic stricken while they were waiting for the asparagus to be cooked because it was very expensive dish and he was worried that he might not be able to pay the bill , it would be humiliating for him to borrow money from the woman.

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What did the narrator like when he met the girl?

According to the narrator, she was not so young as he expected an in appearance imposing rather than attractive.

Why did the lawyer rejoice at his new assignment?

Why did the lawyer rejoice at his new assignment? Ans. Working in the dirty and shadowy parts of the city was becoming more dangerous and difficult for the lawyer. He was overjoyed when his law firm sent him out forty miles out in the country to a town called New Mullion.

How can we say that the narrator is grateful to the railways?

The narrator is grateful to the railways due to some certain reason as it become very fortunate for the narrator. Suddenly the tiger spangled up its huge weight into the furniture. He thought that it would be smashed into matchwoods but it didn’t happen so.

Do you think the lawyer was gullible?

It can be said that the lawyer was gullible. He could have avoided being taken for a ride if he had noticed what the hack driver was doing. The hack driver was the one who did all the talking and the lawyer remained a mere spectator.

What did he first think about the new mullion and what did he see?

Answer: The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve a summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. He first thinks that the place must be a sweet and simple country village.

Why did the narrator rejoice when he was sent to New mullion?

Answer: The narrator did not like the dirty and dark sides of the city life. He thought that he would find some pleasant sights in New Mullion. So, he was happy to go there.

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Does the narrator serve the summons that day?

Question : 5 Does the narrator serve the summons that day? Answer : No, the narrator does not serve the summons that day. Question : 6 Who is Lutkins?