Who is AP Advocate General?

Who is Advocate General of AP 2021?

The Advocate General of Andhra Pradesh in 2021 is Subrahmanyam Sriram. He has been appointed in the year 2019.

Who is the Advocate General of India?

The 15th and current Attorney General is K. K. Venugopal.

Attorney-General for India.

Attorney General for India
Seat N-234-A, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi
Appointer President of India on advice of the Union Cabinet
Term length Per the President’s discretion
Constituting instrument Article 76 of the Constitution

Who is appointed Advocate General of state?

The Advocate General of State is appointed by the Governor. There is no fixed term for the office of the Advocate General of State. The Constitution does not contain the procedure for its removal.

Who is deputy Advocate General?

Deputy Advocates General, Deputy Advocates General and Assistant Advocates General. The Advocate-general shall also exercise overall supervision over the offices of the Government Pleaders, Additional Government Pleaders, State Public Prosecutors, Additional State Public Prosecutors, and High Court Government Pleaders.

Who is the highest law officer in India?

The Attorney General (AG) of India

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This is a part of the Union Executive. AG is the highest law officer in the country. Article 76 of the Constitution provides for the office of AG of India.

Who is the Governor of AP?

It shall be the duty of the Advocate General to give advice to the Government of concerned State upon such legal matters and to perform such other duties of a legal character; as may from time to time be referred or assigned to him by the Governor and to discharge the functions conferred on him by or under this …

Who can become Advocate General?

The advocate general is appointed by the governor. He must be a person who is qualified to be appointed a judge of a high court. In other words, he must be a citizen of India and must have held a judicial office for ten years or been an advocate of a high court for ten years.

What is the Article 76?

Article 76 of the constitution mentions that the Attorney General of India is the highest law officer of India. As a chief legal advisor to the government of India, he advises the union government on all legal matters.

Who is highest law officer of a state?

Advocate General of the State is the highest law officer in the state. The Constitution of India (Article 165) has provided for the office of the Advocate General for the states. Also, he corresponds to the Attorney General of India.

Is Advocate General and Attorney General same?

Attorney GeneralAdvocate GeneralThe Attorney General is the first legal officer of the country. He is appointed under Art 76 of the Indian Constitution. Advocate general is the highest law officer in the state. He is appointed under Art 165 of the Indian Constitution.

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Can Advocate General appear in Supreme Court?

The Advocate General is the Ex-Officio member of Karnataka State Legal Services Authority, Karnataka Law Commission & Karnataka State Bar Council. … Duties: The Advocate General appears in important constitutional and other cases before the High Courts, Supreme Court, KAT, Water Disputes Tribunal etc.

Who is assistant solicitor general of India?

They are the second law officer of the country, assists the Attorney General, and is assisted by Additional Solicitors General for India. Currently, the Solicitor General of India is Tushar Mehta.

Former Additional Solicitors General.

Additional Solicitors General of India Term
P. P. Malhotra 2004–2014