Who is present Advocate General Punjab?

Who is current Advocate General Punjab?

Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais Advocate General Punjab
Advocate General Punjab Incumbent
In office 2018–Incumbent
Personal details
Born Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Who is first Advocate General of Punjab?

Former Advocates General

Sr. No. Name of the Advocate General Period
1. Sh. S.M. Sikri From 01.11.1956 to 02.02.1964
2. Sh. S.K. Kapur From 15.06.1964 to 16.10.1964
3. Sh. Jagan Nath Kaushal From 01.01.1966 to 17.03.1967
4. Sh. Gopal Singh From 04.04.1967 to 27.05.1968

Who is present Advocate General of India?

The 15th and current Attorney General is K. K. Venugopal.

Attorney-General for India.

Attorney General for India
Seat N-234-A, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi
Appointer President of India on advice of the Union Cabinet
Term length Per the President’s discretion
Constituting instrument Article 76 of the Constitution

Who is appointed Advocate General of state?

The Advocate General of State is appointed by the Governor. There is no fixed term for the office of the Advocate General of State. The Constitution does not contain the procedure for its removal.

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Who is deputy Advocate General Punjab?

Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association

Advocate General, Punjab
Deputy Advocate General Punjab
1. Sh. Sushant Maini 94171-50150
2. Sh. Ajaypal Singh Gill 9814460655
3. Ms. Ambika Sood 9855501185

Who is Additional Attorney General of Pakistan?


Attorney General Pakistan
Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali AGP Supreme Court
Additional Attorney General
Mr. Muhammad Waqar Rana AAG-I Supreme Court Khawaja Ahmad Hosain AAG-II Supreme Court Mr. Afnan Karim Kundi AAG-III Islamabad High Court
Deputy Attorney General

Who is the highest law officer in India?

The Attorney General (AG) of India

This is a part of the Union Executive. AG is the highest law officer in the country. Article 76 of the Constitution provides for the office of AG of India.

Who is Baldev Raj Mahajan?

He worked as Treasurer and Secretary at District level and then became State Secretary and then after as State President of Adhivakta Parishad, Punjab. He also worked as National Secretary, National Office President, National Working President and then as National President of Akhil Bhartiya Adhivakta Parishad.

Who is the present Solicitor General of India 2020?

Currently, the Solicitor General of India is Tushar Mehta. Like the Attorney General for India, the Solicitor General and the Additional Solicitors General advise the Government and appear on behalf of the Union of India in terms of the Law Officers (Terms and Conditions) Rules, 1972.

What is the Article 76?

Article 76 of the constitution mentions that the Attorney General of India is the highest law officer of India. As a chief legal advisor to the government of India, he advises the union government on all legal matters.

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Who is the Advocate General of Jharkhand?

Senior Advocate Rajeev Ranjan has reportedly been appointed the new Advocate General for the State of Jharkhand.

Who assists Advocate General?

Attorney General belongs to Central Government and is appointed by President on recommendation of COM of Centre. He is assisted by Solicitor Generals.

Who can become Advocate General?

The advocate general is appointed by the governor. He must be a person who is qualified to be appointed a judge of a high court. In other words, he must be a citizen of India and must have held a judicial office for ten years or been an advocate of a high court for ten years.

Can Advocate General become judge?

To be an Advocate General of the State, the person must be qualified to become a Judge of a High Court and for that a person must: … have been an advocate of a High Court for at least 10 years, or of two or more such courts in succession. have held judicial office in India for a period of at least 10 yrs.