Who is Google’s antitrust lawyer?

As Google faces a growing number of antitrust lawsuits over its Google Play store practices, the company has tapped powerhouse law firms O’Melveny & Myers and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius to fight the litigation.

What law firm does Google use?

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) is a law firm in the United States that specializes in business, securities, and intellectual property law.

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

Headquarters Palo Alto, California
Date founded 1961
Company type P.C.
Website Official website

Is there an antitrust lawsuit against Google?

In December, 35 states filed a separate antitrust suit against Google, alleging that the company engaged in illegal behavior to maintain a monopoly on the search business. … But the fees that Google collects from Android app developers are likely the meat of the case.

Has Google violated antitrust laws?

Google is currently facing three other federal antitrust lawsuits, including one from the Justice Department that alleges the company’s dominant search engine has allowed it to become a “monopoly gatekeeper” of the internet. …

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What is Google antitrust lawsuit?

The states argue that Google misled publishers and advertisers about the nature of the ad auctions, allowing it to pocket more of the money flowing through its ad systems. And they say the company used a deal with Facebook to maintain its dominance when the publishers tried to develop an alternative system.

What does a Google lawyer do?

Conduct research, negotiate contracts and support other legal needs.

How much do Google lawyers make?

The average Google Corporate Counsel earns an estimated $196,339 annually, which includes an estimated base salary of $172,756 with a $23,583 bonus. Google’s Corporate Counsel compensation is $19,067 more than the US average for a Corporate Counsel.

Does Facebook violate antitrust laws?

The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday filed the new complaint in federal court in Washington, alleging that Facebook violated antitrust laws by buying Instagram and WhatsApp in order to eliminate them as competitors.

Why is Google being sued?

Alphabet Inc.’s Google was sued by three dozen states alleging that the company illegally abused its power over the sale and distribution of apps through the Google Play store on mobile devices. … It then collects an “extravagant” commission of up to 30% on app purchases, the states said.

What replaced the Sherman antitrust Act?

The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 is a federal statute which prohibits activities that restrict interstate commerce and competition in the marketplace. The Sherman Act was amended by the Clayton Act in 1914.

Is Apple an antitrust?

A federal judge sided with Apple on Friday, finding that the iPhone-maker isn’t violating antitrust law by imposing tight restrictions on app developers and charging a 30 percent commission for digital goods and services offered on its platforms. …

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How many times has Google been sued for antitrust?

Two antitrust lawsuits have been filed against Google in two days. That makes a total of three antitrust cases against the search giant, including one filed in October by the Department of Justice.

How is Google a monopoly?

“Google increasingly functions as an ecosystem of interlocking monopolies,” the report said, because of the company’s ability to tie together its search and ads business with the data it collects. Google has long said it plays fairly and that its products — which are free to consumers — promote choice and competition.

Why is the DOJ going after Google?

The DOJ under then-Attorney General William Barr sued Google over its search business instead, alleging the company used exclusive distribution deals with wireless carriers and phone makers to lock out competition. … That agreement with Facebook is also part of the DOJ’s investigation, said the person.

What is an example of an antitrust law?

An example of behavior that antitrust laws prohibit is lowering the price in a certain geographic area in order to push out the competition. For example, a large company sells widgets for $1.00 each throughout the country. Another company goes into business and sells widgets just in California or $. 90 each.

Who brings antitrust lawsuit?

In fact, most antitrust suits are brought by businesses and individuals seeking damages for violations of the Sherman or Clayton Act. Private parties can also seek court orders preventing anticompetitive conduct (injunctive relief) or bring suits under state antitrust laws.

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