Who is the Deputy Attorney General of Pakistan?

Who is current deputy attorney general of Pakistan?


Attorney General Pakistan
Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali AGP Supreme Court
Deputy Attorney General
Mr. Sohail Mahmood DAG-I Supreme Court Mr. Sajid Ilyas Bhatti DAG-II Supreme Court
Mr. Abdur Rasheed Awan DAG-V Supreme Court Mr. Fazal ur Rehman Khan Niazi DAG-VII Islamabad High Court

Who is the assistant attorney general Punjab?

Assistant Advocates General

Name Date of Appointment
M.Tariq Nadeem Feb 04, 2020
Mudassar Ellahi Warraich Oct 11, 2019
Malik Shoukat Mehmood Aug 06, 2019
Malik Naveed Akram Jul 12, 2019

How many attorney general are there in Pakistan?

List of attorneys-general

Number Name Period of office
32 Ashtar Ausaf Ali 21 June 2018
33 Khalid Jawed Khan 17 August 2018
34 Anwar Mansoor Khan 20 February 2020
35 Khalid Jawed Khan incumbent

Who is additional attorney general?

Law Officers

Ahmad Awais Advocate General Punjab July 2020 – To date
Additional Advocate General
Mujib ur Rehman Kiyani Ch. Saleem Murtaza Mughal
Assistant Advocates General
Irfan Ahmad Khan Niazi Farhat Majeed Chaudhry Qaiser Abbas Shah
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Who is the current chief justice of Pakistan?

The first chief justice was Sir Abdul Rashid. The current chief justice is Umar Ata Bandial; incumbent since 2 February 2022.

Chief Justice of Pakistan
Status Chief justice
Seat Supreme Court of Pakistan Building, Islamabad, and Lahore
Nominator Prime Minister of Pakistan
Appointer President of Pakistan

What is Dag Pakistan?

Tendo Dag (also spelled: Tindodag) (Pashto: تين دو ډاګ) is an administrative unit, known as Union council or Wards in Tehsil Babuzai, of Swat District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. … Tendo Dag is Territorial Wards, which is further divided in two Village Councils: Gogdara (Village Council)

What is the role of attorney general in Pakistan?

The Attorney-General is responsible for giving advice to the Government of Pakistan on such legal matters, and for performing such other duties of a legal character as may be referred or assigned to him by the President. … All references to the Attorney-General are made by the Ministry of Law.

What is Attorney at law in Pakistan?

In first instance the person who gives right to the other to perform duty on his behalf is called “Principal” and the person to whom the authority is given is called “Attorney”. …

Who can become attorney general?

The person appointed must be a citizen of India. To be appointed as the Attorney General of India, a person must be qualified to be a Supreme Court judge, i.e. they must either be a judge of a High Court for five years or an advocate in a High Court for 10 years or an eminent jurist in the President’s opinion.

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Who is the current ambassador of Pakistan to USA?

Asad Majeed Khan is a career Pakistan Foreign Service Officer. Dr. Khan presented his credentials as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States of America to President Donald J. Trump on January 11, 2019.

How can I become a lawyer in Pakistan?

To get a License a candidate must clear the Law Gat Test. Then do an internship of 6 months with a senior lawyer. After fulfilling these requirements you can Get Admission from the respected Bar Council. The scope of LAW in Pakistan is very vast in every field a Lawyer is required to handle their Legal works.

Is it attorney at law or attorney at law?

noun, plural at·tor·neys-at-law. Law. an officer of the court authorized to appear before it as a representative of a party to a legal controversy.

Who is the current Advocate General of Balochistan?

Arbab Muhammad Tahir is Senior Lawyer and belong from renowned kasi tribe. Currently Arbab Muhammad Tahir Kasi is Appointed as Chief law officer of Balochistan Advocate General Balchistan. Arbab will assist the provincial Government in legal matters.